De Buitenpoorter

De Buitenpoorter

With the wide view over the polder, the West Frisian Omringdijk and the IJsselmeer, this is an ideal location to stay with your group or family.

De Buitenpoorter is a lovely group accommodation suitable for groups such as:

  • Family
  • Companies
  • Friends
  • Sports clubs
  • Care groups

De Buitenpoorter differentiates itself because there are no dorms but instead there are smaller rooms. There are eight double bedrooms and two rooms accommodating 6 people. All rooms have their own bathroom. The cosy communal area, with bar and pool table, has French windows opening up to a terrace and large garden area; ideal for children to play. Barbecue facilities are also available in a specially created area.


The communal area can cater for workshops. You can invite people to hold workshops here in case you do not have your own space to hold workshops.

Multiday training sessions 

De Buitenpoorter is well suited to host team meetings, multiday courses, teambuilding sessions or management meetings in this inspiring environment. The meeting room offers space to 28 people and they can all stay overnight at the accommodation in order not to lose time. Most ideas are born with a drink and during dinner! We can arrange the catering but you are free to arrange this yourself. WIFI is available.

Party location 

This lovely location is ideal for your party in case you are unable to host this in your house or garden. Staying overnight is definitely a possibility.




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