De Buitenpoorter

The area

The property offers a panoramic view over the polder overlooking the West Frisian surrounding dike and the Beemster dike, the IJsselmeer and the Mijzen polder are not far away.

The property offers a panoramic view over the polder overlooking the West Frisian surrounding dike and the Beemster dike, the IJsselmeer and the Mijzen polder are not far away.

The region offers a varied scenery for hiking, biking and boating. Due to its central location, cities like Hoorn, Alkmaar and Amsterdam are easily accessible, which also includes cozy places on the IJsselmeer as Enkhuizen, Medemblik, Volendam, Edam and Monnickendam.

Recreational areas

Ursemmerplas, about 3 kilometers away is the Ursemmerplas. You can linger on this lake with beach in nice weather.

Hulk: Hulk Recratiegebied is 4 kilometers away, sandwiched between the towns Scharwoude and Berkhout. The nature and recreation area is 58 hectares and consists of an inner and outer dike area. Cattle and sheep graze in meadows close to forest area and recreation fields. There is also a canoe transfer station in the area, which can be used to switch to the polder of the Markermeer.

West Frisian surrounding dike

Westfriesland is an area in North-Holland, which is completely surrounded by the oldest dike in the Netherlands; West Omringdijk. This dike is one kilometer away on the south side of the track. This provincial monument has a total length of 126 kilometers. This miracle of human hand is already 800 years old and connects the historic cities of Alkmaar, Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik. The Omringdijk winds like a green route through the countryside and leads visitors to West-Friesland along the panoramic landscape with its unique sights, the typical ribbon villages with farmhouses and the former VOC cities with their beautifully preserved historic city. A large part of embankment still forms the border between land and water, elsewhere the dike runs through the country between polders and reclaimed land as a monument to centuries of struggle against the water.

The dike embraces a rich cultural and holds many cultural surprises. Meet one of the most remarkable phenomena in the history of West Friesland; the strongholds from the 13th century. The Dutch Count Floris V had this stronghold to subjugate the West Frisian country. Visit the renovated Castle Radboud in Medemblik or watch from the embankment reconstruction of Castle Nuwendoorn in Eenigenburg.


A few hundred meters away is the Beemster. The landscape in the Beemster is a very beautiful agricultural production landscape with rich cultural history and part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even more unique is that there is another Heritage Site, the Defence Line of Amsterdam. The Beemster 5 of these forts, the largest is Fort Spijkerboor. You can enjoy the blooming tulip fields in spring time. In Middenbeemster there are several restaurants and shops.


Hoorn is 9 kilometers away. It does not matter in which season and during what type of weather you visit Hoorn. There is always something to do and enjoy in this bustling IJsselmeer City. From sights of the rich VOC past, the surprising musical and cultural events, the many extraordinary museums to the shopping area. Every year thousands of people enjoy Hoorn, the beating heart of West Friesland.

Hoorn is a true shopping city with an attractive centre and a variety of shops. Whether it is fashion, antiques, curios, books or jewelry, anything can be found there! Year-round events are held in the city centre. It is also the permanent market day on Saturdays! During the summer season there is a lovely Wednesday market, each with a different theme with several booths full of goodies. For several years the Cheese Market square is also restored to its former glory. You can see how things used to be in the past. It seems as if time has stood still time, especially when you're in the harbor.

The crowds in and around the water makes it an ideal place for cafes, bars and restaurants. In the shopping streets and the square, the Red Stone, you can take care of the inner man.


18 kilometers away Alkmaar. Historic town has many monuments, including the St. Lawrence Church and the famous Waag. The characteristic canals and houses from the 16th to 19th centuries Alkmaar give a wonderful sight. The center is very compact and the wide variety of shops make Alkmaar high on the list of best shopping cities in the Netherlands state.

You will find both small boutiques and large department stores in Alkmaar. The city has plenty of leisure facilities, many restaurants and sunny terraces. Additionally you from April to September visit the famous cheese market. Theater De Vest and the Stedelijk Museum are in the center and are well worth a visit. A cruise is possible in the summer.


20 kilometers away Volendam. Ancient homes and churches, historic ports and shopping boulevards featuring the image of the nostalgic Volendam. Tourists can have a say over the world about the beauty of the fishing village. You can also make the most of nature and culture.

With a beautiful location on the IJsselmeer Volendam offers many recreational opportunities. Walking or cycling to explore the area, go shopping for a day in the center and around the dike, visit a cheese farm and clog or sniffing out some culture.


18 kilometers away is Edam. The picturesque Zuiderzee town offers in addition to a wealth of historical monuments, a variety of attractions. A walk worth very rewarding because you get a good impression of the city.

A city with a rich history of shipyards, wood trade, business sense and a historically existing administrative center.

In 1357 Edam of Count William V not only got city rights, but also the right to impose a duty-free port. With this there was a trade route between the Zuiderzee and the hinterland created. Shipbuilding and trade developed rapidly and already belonged Edam, besides Amsterdam, Hoorn and Enkhuizen to the important port cities of North Holland. Edam has a nice center with outdoor cafes, charming restaurants and shops. In the summer you can share the experience many events in music, sports and culture.


Monnickendam is 25 kilometers away. Monnickendam is a historical town in the municipality of Waterland, situated on the Gouwzee.

The historic 13th century village is mentioned alongside the famous Great Church, also known as Saint Nicholas Church, a large number of monuments which are well worth a visit. One of these monuments is the Carillon Tower at the Noordeinde in Monnickendam with the oldest bells in the Netherlands which is still played regularly on the city bell ringer! The Carillon Tower is a museum.

Monnickendam has a very nice center with ample terraces, cozy restaurants and shops. Moreover, there is in the harbor in the old town always something to see. Besides the many attractions, many events are organized so that there is always something special to see.


Less than 30 kilometers away is the beautiful town of Enkhuizen. The place located on the IJsselmeer owes its prosperity to the Zuiderzee in the Golden Age. In the historic center is still much to find that recalled the VOC period, as the 16th century Drommedaris. Next to the historic center, the Zuiderzee Museum also shows a picture of life at sea. Further away in this city the base for the Enkhuizen Almanac.

Enkhuizen modern marinas with all amenities, there can even be built in the old city. The recreation Enkhuizerzand is suitable for the whole family including lakeside recreation and Sprookjeswonderland. Of course there are many cozy cafes and restaurants in Enkhuizen.


25 kilometers away is Medemblik, amidst peace and expanse. Medemblik is the oldest town in West Friesland. The city has the Regatta Center a water sports center with international allure where national - and international sailing competitions are organized.

The center has modern and historical rubbing each other find. Beautiful yachts and historic ships of the brown fleet lay in the modern ports of the historic center. Sitting on one of the terraces you can see all the fuss on the water behind a drink.

The city has many museums; in a prominent state Radboud Castle, dating from the late 13th century. At the Bakery Museum, the most delicious treats are baked traditionally and at the  Stoomgemaal you'll learn all about the development of the steam engine. Medemblik is also staging the steam tram Hoorn-Medemblik.